Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ken Miller is my hero.

For those of you who haven't noticed this little beauty floating around YouTube in the path few months, this is your chance to finally see it.

To my atheist friends: Yes, I know, the video starts with a prayer. Don't run away! You'll thank yourself later.

To my theist friends: Yes, I know, Miller is saying that Intelligent Design is bunk and Evolution is the real science. Don't run away! He's a practicing Catholic!

To anyone on either side of the evolution vs. ID debate: This lecture is a must watch. If you were like me and left scratching your head in science class in school, Ken Miller is the answer to our prayers. (No pun intended.) He does an excellent job of explaining evolution and debunking ID as a science, and he does both with kindness, intelligence and humor.

Check him out, and he might just end up as your hero too.


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